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Gardener shares incredible before-and-after photos after unique garden transformation: 'That is a work of art'

"I'm blown away in awe!"

"I'm blown away in awe!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A savvy home gardener built a veritable medicine cabinet of herbs in their backyard garden, drawing the praise — and envy — of fellow herb enthusiasts in Reddit's r/gardening community. 

Side-by-side photos showed the garden before it was planted and the garden as it is now — lush and overflowing with blooming herbs, which the gardener identified as calendula, yarrow, mugwort, turmeric, passionflower, lemon balm, and many more. 

"What a happy story!"
Photo Credit: iStock

Commenters were impressed

"I'm blown away in awe!" one person wrote. 

"So very cool... I really want to make a perennial herb garden (with a lot of medicinal plants) this feels pretty inspirational, thanks!" another commented.

"I'm in love with this," enthused another.

Whether you're growing herbs for their medicinal and holistic properties, for cooking, or as a beautiful alternative to grass, starting a garden like this one couldn't be easier. With just a couple of seeds — or even fresh herbs from the supermarket — you can essentially grow an unlimited supply of everything from basil to fresh mint, lemongrass, garlic, oregano, and even strawberries

Not only do gardens like this create an endless supply of herbs, but they also serve as excellent habitats for pollinators and local wildlife. In turn, those pollinators support a healthy food supply. It's estimated that one of every three bites of food exists because of a pollinator.

If your garden really thrives and you wind up with too many fresh herbs, not to worry: Just dry them, freeze them, or get even more creative and turn them into frozen, ready-to-use olive oil or butter cubes for cooking. 

If you're going the medicinal route, there are plenty of uses for leftover herbs, from making soothing lavender sachets to creating homemade bath salts, teas, balms, and more. 

"This is my dream! I have the land, just need to finish planning," one person wrote.

"I am very jealous," another confessed. "That is a work of art."

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