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Gardener shares simple tip for unlimited supply of strawberry plants: 'Free is always a fabulous thing'

"This is brilliant."

Strawberry plant multiplication

Photo Credit: Instagram

If you already have strawberries in your garden or are interested in growing them, look no further. Here is a hack that will fill your life with endless strawberries, and it doesn't cost a thing.

The scoop

Instagrammer and urban gardener Patrick Vernuccio (@thefrenchiegardener) shares how to multiply a single strawberry plant. All you need is one.

Using a strawberry plant you already have, locate the runners, which are the long stems that typically grow off of the pot. Each set of leaves along these runners can be used for a new strawberry plant.

Plant them in a small pot in fresh soil with their leaves up and add water. Leave them for one week so the new roots have time to develop. Then cut the umbilical cord, and voila — you have a new baby strawberry plant.

The new strawberry plants can spend the winter in small pots and then be replanted in bigger pots at the beginning of next year for more harvests.

"Enjoy your new baby strawberry plants and Green love to you," Patrick says.

How it's helping

Growing your own food is a great way to save money. It can save you up to $500 in just one season.

Gardeners tend to be healthier due to physical exercise and higher fiber intake. According to the Mayo Clinic, gardening is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Fewer trips to the grocery store will save time, energy, and gas — which means less air pollution — and require fewer single-use plastics commonly used for packaging.

Gardening ensures there are no pesticides on your produce, which not only makes your food safer for consumption but also prevents harmful chemicals from entering our water systems.

Meanwhile, rewilding a portion of your yard or garden provides habitats for pollinators and other wildlife that protect our food supply and increase biodiversity.

What everyone's saying

Patrick's strawberry multiplier hack was well received with over 9,500 likes.

"Ohhhh this is brilliant," exclaimed on Instagrammer.

"Free is always a fabulous thing," agreed another.

"Plants are magical," chimed a third.

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