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Mom shares the unbelievable life hack she uses to get groceries for half the price: 'My mind is blown'

"My freezer is full."

Flashfood App, groceries for half the price

Photo Credit : @homesteadingfor3 / Tiktok

Grocery costs can add up, especially when you're feeding a whole family. But what if there was a way to cut your grocery bills in half while helping the planet at the same time?

As it turns out, there is. The secret is an app called Flashfood. And as one mom shows us in a popular TikTok video, it's an incredibly easy and effective way to save big money while stocking your fridge and freezer.

The scoop

Self-described "DIY/Gardening/Homesteading/Foodprep/Momlife" TikToker Dominique Raether (@homesteadingfor3) recently shared how she uses the app with her followers, and it really couldn't be simpler.

@homesteadingfor3 Flash foods app is no joke!!! #flashfoods #moneysavingtips #savemoney #savemoneyonfood ♬ original sound - Dominique Raether

Flashfood partners with grocery stores to help them sell food that is about to expire at a discount of up to 50%. The stores themselves will list whatever they have to get rid of on the app, and all users have to do is search and click whatever they want to buy.

"My mind is blown by how many different things I got today," Raether says in her video. She goes on to show off her haul: two pork tenderloins, one bag of bagels, 12 chicken breasts, and 14 smoked pork chops. "Grand total for everything? About $55."

"So, I'm going to freeze everything," Dominique explains. "And then as I need it, I'll just let it thaw, and then I'll have a lot cheaper meals!"

How it's helping

Food waste is a major problem throughout the world and particularly in the United States, where an estimated 30-40% of the food supply ends up getting thrown away. 

And grocery stores are a big part of that problem, contributing 13% of the total food waste in the U.S. When food gets thrown away, not only is that a big waste, but that food ends up sitting in a landfill where it releases massive amounts of planet-warming gases, contributing to overheating our planet.

Part of the issue is that American customers have been conditioned to expect a wide variety of extremely fresh products available at their fingertips at all times. According to nonprofit ReFED, "High customer standards for freshness lead businesses to dispose of safe, edible food based on a perception that is past its prime."

So, by using an app like Flashfood and being slightly less precious than the average consumer about nearing expiration dates, you can get perfectly good, safe, edible food at a big discount — helping your wallet and the planet at the same time.

What everyone's saying

Dominique's followers couldn't wait to try out the app for themselves. 

"I love Flashfood," writes one commenter. "I do it too. My freezer is full."

"I check this app every day!" writes another.

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