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Garden expert demonstrates simple method to rescue hard-to-grow store-bought herbs: 'Unlimited supply of garden herbs'

"Learning so much from your page."

"Learning so much from your page."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Having herbs in your kitchen or fridge is a great way to liven up your cooking. However, herbs from the grocery store go bad quickly, or the little plants die as soon as you get them home.

One garden expert took to Instagram to teach us how to get the most out of those store-bought herbs. 

The scoop

JoesGarden (@joesgarden.official) is an Instagrammer and Tiktoker who gives followers "Tips to grow fruit and vegetables." 

In a Reel on Instagram, Joe shared how we can get the most out of the small potted herbs that can be purchased at the grocery store. He says that you should repot those plants when you get home. "What you will notice is they will put multiple plants in one small pot, which is often why they will die," Joe explains. 

He goes on to show how he separates several new plants and gives each its own pot. This gives each plant a "much better chance of survival" and gives you free plants.

Finally, Joe tells viewers that by harvesting thoughtfully, your plants can thrive and give you a virtually "unlimited supply of garden herbs." 

How it's helping

Growing herbs at home can save you money in the kitchen. We have all needed a few leaves of parsley and watched a whole bunch wither in the crisper. By choosing a potted herb, you can have a new plant to care for and a massive supply of herbs for your home cooking.

If your local store doesn't sell potted herbs, you may be able to propagate some of the leftover stems. 

One great thing about growing small plants like basil or cilantro is that you can grow them on your counter or in the window. Many of us don't have access to outdoor garden spaces, but you can get some of the benefits of gardening inside.

If you do have access to some outdoor space, growing food at home can save you money on groceries. 

Plants are also great for your mental health. Studies have shown that even just looking at plants can reduce your stress. People who garden also tend to get more fiber — an essential part of a healthy diet.

What everyone's saying

Commenters on the Instagram page were loving this tip. One person wrote: "Learning so much from your page. Thank you."

Another happy gardener said: "I do this with basil every year. Much easier than growing from seed. I plant them inside and out in sunny London and they last all summer."

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