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How much could you save with the Inflation Reduction Act? This interactive tool will tell you

Rewiring America has a handy tool that calculates how you could gain from the $370 billion investment.

IRA Savings Calculator

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You may have heard about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Congress' largest investment in climate action ever (close to $370 billion). A ton of this cash will be used to help Americans afford home improvements so they can spend less on their energy bills or on gas. 

In light of the over-700-page law, the nonprofit Rewiring America created a handy tool that calculates how much of the $370 billion could be yours.

The Incentive Calculator is incredibly easy to use. It can take under a minute to answer its seven questions, such as your zip code or whether you rent or own a house to find out exactly how much you could save by improving your home.

Here's exactly what the calculator can tell you:

Upfront discounts available

This super user-friendly tool provides information on the different types of incentives available to you — upfront discounts, rebates, and tax credits. After indicating what you're interested in upgrading, the tool will give you a list of the things you can get discounts on and when they will become available. Some are available immediately. Possible items on which you can receive upfront discounts include electric and induction stoves, clothes dryers, heat pumps, breaker boxes, and home weatherization, among many others.

Available tax credits

The Incentive Calculator can also tell you which tax credits are available to you based on your income, along with specifics, like when, for what, and how much. Examples of items for which you could get tax credits include electric vehicles (up to $7,500) or solar panel installation (30%). If you're interested in the electric vehicle tax incentive, the tool provides information on which vehicles qualify.


Finally, the Incentive Calculator provides a ton of other information regarding the incentives available to you. The tool explains which electrification upgrades you should consider, details on incentive eligibility, and how to find more information.

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