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Gardener shares 'amazing' method for preserving herbs to last you throughout the fall: 'It's a real time-saver for me'

"This just makes my meal prep so much easier after a long day!"

“This just makes my meal prep so much easier after a long day!”

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Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money, but you often end up harvesting more herbs than you can use for one dish. Luckily, one Redditor is sharing a great way to make the most out of their dill harvest. 

The scoop

The pictures of a creamy concoction were posted in the very popular Reddit community r/homestead, which has over 2.6 million members. 

"I didn't know what to do with all my extra dill so I made frozen butter cubes!" the Redditor wrote, adding a picture of their finished product. 

Lemon skins
Photo Credit: u/MickFoley13 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/MickFoley13 / Reddit

The Redditor also posted a paragraph explaining how all they needed were "two full blocks of softened butter, the juice and grated peel of 10 lemons, two whole bulbs of grated garlic!" After that, they mixed up everything, put the buttery blend in a plastic bag, cut off the tip of one of the corners, and squeezed it into ice cube trays. 

"In a few hours you can pop those out and store in a freezer safe bag or container for easy use and amazing flavor anytime you cook!" the Redditor concluded. 

How it's helping

Hacks like these help to prevent food waste by prolonging the life of your herbs. 

As mentioned above, if possible, it's better to grow your own herbs, in part because it can save you money in the long term while also benefiting the environment, since your dill won't be wrapped in plastic and you may save yourself that drive to the store. 

Food waste is a major modern-day problem, and it's also a waste of money. 

In the U.S. alone, around 119 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year, while avoiding food waste altogether could save the average American household $1,866 each year

Wasting food also affects the environment. 

Between 8-10% of carbon pollution is linked to unconsumed produce or food waste. 

One reason is that food must be transported from one place to another, which requires the burning of oil and gas, which produces gases that warm the planet.

Food production also requires extensive amounts of land, especially foods derived from the livestock sector. This includes butter, so margarine is a better alternative. 

What people are saying

"I do this with mirepoix, sofrito, & the holy trinity as well as various stocks & sauces. It's a real time-saver for me," one commenter wrote.

The Redditor who uploaded the original post added, "This just makes my meal prep so much easier after a long day!" 

Another commenter added, "You could mix the dill with other greens, use a blender and freeze that mix the same way. Use [the] frozen balls of flavor in soups, salads, etc."

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