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Shopper in disbelief after seeing price of kitchen treasure at local thrift store: 'Grabbed it and ran'

"I've always been on the hunt."

"I've always been on the hunt."

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A thrilled thrifter landed a red-hot deal when they made off with a gorgeous red cult-favorite Le Creuset baking dish from a local secondhand shop. 

"Grabbed it and ran," the original poster wrote above a photo of the dish in their post to r/ThriftStoreHauls, where shoppers share their finds and "passion for the hunt."

"I've always been on the hunt."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"I've always been on the hunt," the OP added. "Little scratched on the outside. Inside is perfect. $10." 

Ten bucks for a dish that retails for 10 times that amount.

Along with the thrill of sought-after finds and monetary savings, which can be $1,700 a year, shopping at thrift stores is a huge benefit to the planet. 

Households in the United States produce nearly 300 million tons of trash per year; at least some of that, if it were donated, could become someone else's treasure. Aside from purchasing perfectly good everyday items for less, thrifters have made off with everything from designer wedding dresses to hidden hundos and everything in between

Thrifting is a growing trend, too. A report from thredUP estimates that the secondhand market will reach $77 billion by 2026. 

If, like the OP, you've been on the hunt for a Le Creuset that won't break le bank, other savvy shoppers further prove that dedication to reducing the demand for new items pays off for your kitchen, your wallet, and the planet. 

If scouring thrift store shelves isn't your thing, you can still shop cleaner by having secondhand clothes curated for you or supporting circular brands and the eco-friendly initiatives of your favorite brands. 

At least as far as commenters on this post were concerned, the OP was worthy of praise for their dedication and its payoff. 

"Nice score! I also found one, a vintage one," one wrote

"Awesome!!" the OP replied. "The thrifting gods are on our side! *high fives." 

"Great job," another congratulated. "I would [have] run too." 

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