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Bargain hunter finds the couch of their dreams while shopping at a local thrift store: 'I would build a house around this'

"Not concerned about it not fitting in my living room."

Green Couch thrifting

Photo Credit: u/011899988194 / Reddit

There will come a time (or more likely many times) when you get the burning desire to change your home decor — whether you're moving and replacing it all or simply craving a bedding swap, some new art, or a brand-new piece of furniture.

Redecorating can be a blast, but it can also be pretty expensive and often harsh on our planet. That's why trendy, timeless pieces bought secondhand make a fantastic alternative to new items. And, as one Redditor shows, they're so much fun to shop for.

In the ThriftStoreHauls Reddit forum, a thrift-savvy Redditor shared a photo of their gem of a find, which they declare as their dream couch.

"This couch of my dreams that I tragically have no space for. Brisbane, Aus.," they write.

While they have no space for it in their Australian home, and while many folks will find themselves in the same situation, furniture thrifting only opens the door to more amazing finds.

Many social media users prove this very thing with their recent, dope secondhand finds, like these $300 high-end pans scored for just $11 or these adorable $4 couture shoes, along with an incredible hack for online thrifting.

The hard truth about furniture production is that it creates some of the world's least sustainable, highest-polluting impacts. In fact, over 12 million tons of furniture waste are produced annually in the U.S. 80% of which goes straight to the landfill.

New furniture also produces new plastic, and, unfortunately, this massive $12 billion industry creates harmful, non-biodegradable materials and planet-heating carbon pollution. 

Many Redditors expressed their jealousy over the find. 

"Please go back to that store, give them my credit card number, and have it mailed to me," one user writes.

"Not concerned about it not fitting in my living room," another adds. "I would build the house around this amazing piece!"

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