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Shopper stumbles upon pricey fan-favorite kitchen brand for cheap at local thrift store: 'I'm stoked for you!'

"I'm having day after day of good thrift luck."

"I'm having day after day of good thrift luck."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A great secondhand find can make your day, or even your month.

Thrifting expert Maggie Katz (@maggie_katz) shared her good fortune in an ebullient video from her car after she returned a garment at a resale shop.

"I don't know what's going on lately, but I'm having day after day of good thrift luck," she said. " ... While I was there, I stopped in the home section, and I found this, and I was like, 'That's pretty.'"

She brandished a blue stone Le Creuset casserole dish that cost $10.99. She said it was listed for $115 at Bloomingdale's.

@maggie_katz This has been on my Thrift Wish List for a while… I couldnt believe it! #thrifthaul #thrifted #lecreuset #lecreusettiktok ♬ original sound - Maggie Katz

Thrift stores often feature excellent kitchen finds, as these documented discoveries of espresso machines, a Dutch oven, and a stand mixer prove.

The practice can save you money on luxuries and necessities alike, though the holy grail is stumbling on a rare or coveted item at a great discount. You can rake it in with designer furniture and clothing.

Not only do these finds boost your mood and kitchen inventory, home furnishings, or wardrobe, but they also keep perfectly usable things out of landfills. Since manufacturing and selling new products require resources including raw materials, water, and gas for shipping, reducing demand helps preserve the environment and cut back on planet-warming pollution.

The thrifting market is growing exponentially and expected to reach $351 billion by 2027. Apparel is a big part of that, but only 10% to 30% of donated clothes is bought second hand, according to Earth Day. The best way to reduce the associated waste is to end the overproduction of apparel, especially by fast-fashion brands.

TikTokers were thrilled for the creator, with one stating, "I'm stoked for you!"

Another responded to Katz's joke at the end of the video about having to learn how to make a casserole now that she had a casserole dish.

"The beauty of this is that there's nothing easier to make for dinner than a casserole," they wrote.

Katz replied: "Haha I'm happy to hear that!! Need to look up some recipes tonight!"

Another user added: "Lol the Betty Crocker website is lit."

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