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This company will send you curated boxes full of amazing thrift store finds — here's how to sign up

At A Curated Thrift, you can choose between two options: the Monthly Thrift Box or the Seasonal Vintage Box.

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A Curated Thrift is a company that combines thrifting and fashion subscription boxes in one, delivering a selection of the best secondhand picks straight to your door. Instead of needing to scour thrift shops for yourself, you can have selected items come to you.

How is A Curated Thrift changing thrift shopping?

A Curated Thrift has blended the popularity of vintage and thrifted clothing to make it more convenient for shoppers, delivering a collection of secondhand clothes to customers. The company's aim is to make thrifting more rewarding and accessible, even to those who may not live near secondhand shops.

In response to the growing awareness of the negative sides of fast fashion, thrifting has certainly become more popular in the last few years, with secondhand shopping growing by 15% in 2021, according to CNBC. But it's far from a new concept. 

Curated Thrift, however, is taking secondhand shopping to a new level — by bringing thrifted clothes straight to your door. 

At A Curated Thrift, you can choose between two options: the Monthly Thrift Box or the Seasonal Vintage Box. As the names suggest, the former focuses on a thrifted outfit, with one vintage piece guaranteed, while the latter is full of vintage picks. The Seasonal Vintage Box ships five pieces each season, while the Monthly Thrift Box includes three pieces every month.

You can also share some pointers about your style through a quick questionnaire. The company also offers some prescribed styles, such as Minimal, Grunge, and Cottagecore.

Why is thrifting so important?

While thrifting is a great way to find clothes and other items for a good deal, it's also kinder to the environment. The average American throws away over 80 pounds of clothes every year, with much of it heading to the trash, resulting in an estimated 11.3 million tons of textile waste ending up in landfills annually.

Thrifting puts others' discarded clothes to good use, while also reducing the amount of money and demand that goes to fast fashion brands. "Fast fashion" refers to cheap, trendy clothes that are designed to only last a season or even a night in some cases. Constantly moving fashion trends means many people feel pressure to cycle their wardrobe regularly, rather than re-wearing the same items regularly.

For those who don't have time or access to thrift stores, A Curated Thrift makes it easy to add pre-loved clothes to your wardrobe. Not only does this mean your look will be unique and curated, but it also means that your fashion choices are not negatively impacting the environment as much as shopping with fast fashion brands.

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