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Shopper surprised by what they found in secret compartment of $3 belt from thrift store: 'I would have never looked inside'

"That's incredible!"

"That's incredible!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

It's what's inside that counts — literally. At least it was for one lucky thrifter who took to the internet to share their incredible find. 

Texan Eric Garcia (@ericmgarcia) shared a thrilling video of the surprising discovery he made after purchasing a $3 leather belt from a thrift store and set the internet buzzing about the hidden treasures that can be uncovered while thrifting.

As Garcia examined his new-to-him buy while sitting in traffic, he realized the belt had hidden compartments. "Whenever you get something that's got zippers, pockets, you always wanna check it," Garcia advises his followers.

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Upon unzipping a section of the belt, he found $600 in cash stored away inside. "That just paid almost all of my HOA fees for the year," a delighted Garcia tells viewers of his major come-up. "This right here is probably a once-in-a-lifetime find," he says further. 

This thrift score highlights the money-saving magic and buried treasures regularly unearthed via secondhand shopping. Beyond scoring cookware, clothes, and furniture at bargain basement prices, dedicated thrifters can uncover amazing one-of-a-kind pieces, rare collectibles, and, as Garcia discovered, actual lost riches.

The growing resale industry also diverts useful goods from landfills — where they contribute to planet-warming pollution — and reduces waste. 

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In addition to being more eco-friendly, savvy thrift shoppers get the added thrill of never knowing what surprises might be found tucked away in pockets or compartments. According to a report by CouponFollow, frequent thrifters save, on average, over $1,700 per year, even if their items don't come with hidden piggy banks.

So, next time you browse the local thrift racks or peruse an online resale site, be sure to thoroughly check any pockets, compartments, sleeves, or crevices. Tap garments to see if anything makes a muffled sound. And carefully inspect household items and accessories for any hidden hollow spaces.

You truly never know what forgotten gems, cash, or other treasures might be secretly stowed away within secondhand finds.

Garcia's TikTok followers celebrated his thrifting triumph in the comments.

"That's incredible!!! *checks pockets in everything I own and thrifted*," one user wrote.

"WOW!! I would have never looked inside a belt!" said another. 

Others shared their own big thrift wins, like a commenter who once paid $2 for a bag that had $40 tucked away inside.

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