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Shopper stumbles upon cult-classic kitchen appliance at local thrift store: 'I've never bought anything so fast in my entire life'

"I've wanted one for 2 years and I cannot spend that money. Hopefully I'll get lucky like you."

"I've wanted one for 2 years and I cannot spend that money. Hopefully I'll get lucky like you."

Photo Credit: TikTok

The product you want could be waiting for you on the shelves of your local thrift store.

TikToker Amy (@amyloves2thrift) posted her good luck when she found a Nespresso machine at her local Goodwill, and she promptly brought it home and fixed it up.  

In the video, which garnered over 800,000 views and 65,000 likes, Amy tells her journey of purchasing a Nespresso machine worth $200 for only $25 and cleaning it to make sure it still worked.

@amyloves2thrift and to think i was about to buy this brand new for 8x the price 🤯 #goodwillfinds #goodwill #thrifted #thrifting #thriftwithme #thriftscore #nespresso #nespressovertuo #thrifttok #nespressomachine ♬ Easy Lovers - Piero Piccioni

"I've never bought anything so fast in my entire life," Amy said, spending only an eighth of what she would have paid retail for an espresso maker. She brought it home, cleaned all the parts, and used the espresso cups she found at a Goodwill six months before to try it out. 

"I've officially cashed in all my thrift karma this year," Amy said.

Thrifting allows shoppers to save money on used items without breaking the bank while recycling materials instead of relying on new materials. When new products are created, they require chemicals, which can contaminate our soil, water, and air. 

With thrifting, you can give a new home to something that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. This helps eliminate waste and the demand for new products that can lead to harmful pollution. 

Thrifting is becoming more popular, with consumers wanting products and packaging that aren't wasteful. According to thredUP, 61% of Gen Z and millennial consumers prefer thrifting. 

In 2023, the thrift industry was estimated to reach over $14 billion in revenue, according to BusinessDIT. It can also lead you to great new purchases, like a new couch for your home or even a gown for your wedding day, like this bride.

Goodwill has even started an online store to help you secondhand shop for items from the comfort of your home.

With her new Nespresso machine from Goodwill, Amy has made a difference in shopping secondhand. Nespresso will even recycle used espresso capsules.

"I love rich people donating good things," one user commented. 

"This is on par with me finding a 20$ instapot duonova at goodwill that I SNATCHED up," another user said.

Others had similar luck finding inexpensive espresso machines while thrifting. "I thrifted mine for 15 dollars and it works so well."

For others, the item they have been dreaming of could be waiting on the shelf. "I'm kicking and screaming. I've wanted one for 2 years and I cannot spend that money. Hopefully I'll get lucky like you," another user commented.

Check out users like Amy on TikTok and the hashtags #thrift and #thriftshopping for great tips and a community of mindful shoppers.

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