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Cunning thrifter shows how they paid only $10 for a 'pristine' KitchenAid stand mixer worth almost $500: 'An outstanding find'

"Wow, that's the top of the line one."

Pristine KitchenAid stand mixer

Photo Credit: u/thepopulargirl / Reddit

Finding quality kitchen appliances is a whole lot easier if you know where to look — and one lucky Redditor hit the jackpot with a KitchenAid from a thrift store.

In a recent post on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user shared the crown jewel of their thrift store finds: a high-quality KitchenAid that they purchased for just $10.

"Comes with three attachments, one new," the post's caption reads. "It was very dirty and I thought it's rust, but after using Clorox wipes, it's like new."

The KitchenAid is a black Professional 5 Plus model, which currently costs $450 on the company's website — and, as the post states, it looks brand new after being cleaned.

"This particular store gave me a lot of treasures through [the] years, like high-end designer stuff and expensive kitchen items," the user wrote in a comment. "Last month I found [an All-Clad] pan with lid and a frying pan for $6 each. Also a painting that I posted here and a person found my post and bought it from me for $800."

One commenter offers some helpful advice about used appliances that look dirty when you buy them. Make sure you check their insides for bugs or nasty substances to make sure the device is clean before you use it. "Depending on the last owner, it may have been in filthy living conditions," they explained.

Users expressed their excitement in the post's comments.

"I'm so envious! In Europe, they're really expensive and I've never heard anybody finding them second hand here, not even in France or U.K. Seriously — a great find!," one commenter wrote.

"Wow. That's the top of the line one too! What an amazing find!," another commented.

"$10 is an outstanding find. Happy for you!" a third user writes.

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