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Lucky bargain hunter makes outrageous $15 find while thrifting for kitchen supplies: 'I didn't quite believe my eyes'

"You definitely win here!"

Staub Dutch oven

Photo Credit: u/gustin444 / Reddit

Thrift store shopping continues to turn up shockingly good finds, as one Reddit user discovered.

Money has been tight for many households in the past few years, so thrifting has picked up in popularity. Many items, including clothes, furniture, and housewares, are more affordable used, and smart shoppers often find high-quality items in good or even new condition. 

Users on Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram have been gleefully sharing the incredible pieces they picked up secondhand — sometimes for pennies on the dollar.

That is exactly what happened to this Redditor on a trip to the thrift store. They shared two photos of a Staub Dutch oven that seems to be in perfect condition, and they bought it at a local Goodwill for $13. 

"If you don't know, these Staub dutch ovens are $200-300, new," they explain in the post. "They're Le Creuset's main competitor, and function every bit as well. Lucky dog, happy days." 

In the comments, they add, "I didn't quite believe my eyes, at first. Then I pounced!"

Buying secondhand items is the best way to upgrade kitchen equipment on a budget. Patient shoppers can sometimes find incredible deals on sought-after cookware — like two Le Creusets for $4

Besides saving money and enjoying the thrill of the hunt, thrifters are also helping the environment by keeping used items out of landfills while reducing the demand to manufacture new items. That means less pollution from mining raw materials, manufacturing items, and shipping them to stores.

Commenters were quick to congratulate this thrifter on their luck. 

"I thought I got a good deal when I bought mine a few years ago on sale for $99, but you definitely win here!" says one commenter. 

Others recounted high-value finds of their own. "I found 2 sets like this in blue in a good will about 6 years ago," says another user, who explains both sets together cost them only $30. "Sold one on eBay for 400$ and still use the other," they add, revealing yet another way thrifting can benefit savvy shoppers.

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