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Thrifter stunned after finding valuable figurine priced at less than $1: 'I can't believe your luck'

Other commenters were astonished and envious of the find.

Thrifter stunned after finding valuable Lladro figurine

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Finding an expensive, name-brand decoration for less than a dollar sounds like something out of a movie, but one Redditor managed to do it and took to the thread r/ThriftStoreHauls to show off their unbelievable find. 

The photos feature a figurine by the company Lladró, and it's a young girl with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a bird perched on the other. The piece would make a beautiful addition to your bookcase or shelf. 

The photos show the price tag as well as a screenshot of the original price on the Lladro website, where it is listed for $400

"$400 Lladro figurine for .75, don't mind if I do!" the Redditor wrote in the caption. 

Lladro figurine
Photo Credit: u/catslikeus2022 / Reddit

The find not only saved this Redditor hundreds on their decoration, but they also have the option to give it away as a gift or even resell it. 

This sort of inexpensive, name-brand find isn't uncommon and applies to more than just decorations. Thrift stores, secondhand stores, and estate sales sell a variety of items such as clothes, kitchen gadgets, furniture, and books.

One Redditor recently found a $450 KitchenAid mixer for just $50, while another thrifter found luxury Allen Edmonds shoes for just $12 — they typically sell for over $375. Others have found expensive jewelry, furniture, and clothing for inexpensive prices at secondhand sales. 

Plus, you can always sell your items, too, and make some money. 

These finds can save you hundreds of dollars, and they're great for the environment, too. Instead of throwing out something usable, they'll go to someone else to cherish and it'll slow down the rate of garbage heading to landfills. 

Landfills receive nearly 300 tons of garbage each year from Americans alone, so buying secondhand will benefit your wallet while also making sure that these items are thoroughly worn through before getting thrown out. 

Commenters on the post were astonished and envious of the find, "We LOVE Lladro!! I want one!" wrote one user. 

Another Redditor jumped in and expressed a similar sentiment: "I'm always looking for those. I can't believe your luck."

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