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Bargain hunter shares photos of the stunning vintage couch they found at a thrift store: 'I knew I'd regret leaving it there'

"I adore your impulse selection."

Stunning vintage couch at a thrift store

Photo Credit: u/Actuallyhammed / Reddit

A lucky Reddit user may have just scored the sofa of the century at a local thrift store.

In a series of photos posted to a Reddit thread, a user shows off a sofa that looks brand new. "Just impulse bought a couch," they write. "Found this at my local savers and couldn't leave without it. I paid more than I wanted to, but I knew [I'd] regret leaving it there."

The photos show a vintage couch in pristine condition — including its light fabric appearing unstained and wooden frame intact. And the Redditor says they paid only $160 for the couch.

Thrift shopping is a fun and inexpensive way to find all kinds of items from clothes and shoes to jewelry, kitchenware, books, and, on occasion, antique store quality furniture.

While vintage couches are a mainstay at antique stores, they can be more expensive than purchasing a new piece of furniture, depending on the quality and make of the item. But thrift store finds tend to be much less pricey because finding an item in pristine quality is less common.

But whether you're patronizing an antique or thrift store, buying secondhand helps to reduce the number of new items produced and can keep used items from entering the waste stream. That's important because landfills are among the leading producers of planet-warming gases. 

The Reddit thread was filled with comments about the couch, including one Redditor who put the price in perspective. "Friend of mine is an antique dealer and has one in beautiful royal purple, same style, selling for [$2,000]. You got a deal," they wrote.

" I was about to say, a new one in this style would probably be close to $2K also," said another.

Lots of Redditors were shocked by the price especially given the vintage nature of the couch. 

One Redditor commented, "this looks like an older couch that has been reupholstered, which is so expensive — way more than $160."

Another Redditor praised the purchase. "I adore your impulse selection," they wrote. "This is the modern day version of Spider-Man super powers .. using your keen 'sofa-sense' verses well honed spidey-sense."

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