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Redditor discovers incredible, luxury-brand shoes at a thrift store for just $12: 'They look so classy'

"This is a dream."

Allen Edmonds reddit shoes

Photo Credit: u/lowlife9 / Reddit

In December, a one lucky Redditor scored big during a trip to the thrift store, finding two pairs of quality leather shoes for only $6 each.

The experience of finding luxury items at discount prices is growing more common as thrifty shoppers turn to secondhand stores for fancy furniture, expensive cookware, and clothing. Many communities have sprung up online where members can share tips and celebrate their best purchases — including r/ThriftStoreHauls, where this Redditor posted.

The OP shared a photo of two pairs of men's dress shoes in good condition with minimal wear. They say both pairs are from luxury brand Allen Edmonds, which means that they cost hundreds of dollars when purchased new. 

One style retails for $395 to $425 depending on the sole — or more than 65 times what this user paid for two pairs. The other, which the OP identifies as Weybridge, is no longer available from the manufacturer online, making the secondhand pair a particularly special find.

Buying secondhand clothing can save a smart shopper hundreds of dollars a year. It's also the easiest way to afford high-quality luxury items on a budget. 

Meanwhile, it helps keep used clothing and shoes out of landfills, which is good for the environment and reduces the demand for companies to produce more. A pair of quality leather shoes like these can last more than 10 years with the right care, even with regular use.

Other r/ThriftStoreHauls members shared their congratulations in the comments. 

"This is a dream," said one. 

Another added, "They look so classy! Great find!"

This OP isn't the only one who's had great luck at thrift stores recently. Redditors browsing for cookware have gone home with Staub and Le Creuset pots for pennies on the dollar.

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