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Frugal fashionista reveals why you should shop for 'business clothes' at thrift stores: 'Probably would've spent at least $2,000'

"I grew up believing the only option was to buy new."

Affordable work wardrobe clothes

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Thrifting is a great way to save money while still getting items you want, especially when it comes to clothes shopping. But many people are still reluctant to buy things second-hand, believing that new items are simply better.

But maybe they'll change their minds after reading this story from one Reddit user, who posted to the popular r/Frugal subreddit.

"My boyfriend is starting a new job that requires a white-collar wardrobe," they write. "He, with my help, spent $500 total … Before hitting mall clothing stores, we went to 2 thrift stores looking for appropriate capsule clothes. We found a good Hugo Boss blazer/waistcoat [and] 3 100% cotton dress shirts in mint condition that fit him perfectly for $60." 

"I looked up the retail (discounting the blazer) on everything he would've bought, he probably would've spent at least $2,000-plus," they added. Together, that's a hefty 75% discount.

As this story shows, the clothing that you can find in thrift stores is not lower quality — if you are willing to look carefully, it can actually be quite the opposite.

And this thrifter isn't the only one discovering that. Tons of people have shared their massive thrift store finds on the internet in recent months. One Redditor got a $400 pair of Christian Louboutin flats for only $4. 

Another found a gorgeous vintage liquor cabinet. And many more have found many more items — from clothing to cookware to electronics — all for super-discounted prices.

Thrifting doesn't just save you money. It also saves clothes and other items from ending up in landfills, and it decreases the demand for the production of new products, which are often made with environment-harming materials such as polyester.

As for the Reddit story of The Boyfriend's New Work Wardrobe, the best part of it might be reading the comments, where other Redditors shared how they became enlightened to the world of thrifting.

"I grew up believing the only option was to buy new," writes one commenter, "but when I met my [significant other] she frequented thrift shops and it opened my mind to a whole new world where, if you took your time and did your research, you could get some really high-quality items for way less."

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