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This new, state-of-the-art electric stove can boil water 10 times faster than traditional cooktops — here's how it works

"Our goal here is to make something fundamentally better that people will want to use."

Impulse Labs can boil water 10 times faster

Photo Credit: Impulse Labs

A new development from Impulse Labs, Inc. might totally change how we cook food at home. 

Electric stoves are an essential piece of the puzzle as we move away from using dirty energy to power our homes. But most homes can't support the increased electric load needed to run an electric stove, so installation often requires expensive panel and wiring upgrades. 

Impulse, a San Francisco–based startup, is changing that with the introduction of a new induction stove, which utilizes a lithium-ion battery that delivers more power than a traditional electric unit, while also decreasing the amount of power it needs to draw from the electrical outlet. The battery will also allow consumers to plug the stove right into a standard 110-volt plug without any electrical upgrades.

"At the end of the day our goal here is to make something fundamentally better that people will *want* AND choose to use," the company said via Twitter.

Lithium-ion batteries are nothing new — scientists began developing them in the late 1970s, and now they're used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles. However, this is reportedly the first time this technology is being used in an electric stove. 

Impulse's new technology could make induction stoves more accessible than ever, which is good news for consumers. Induction stoves have many benefits. They outperform gas stoves — bringing water to a boil three times faster — and they're safer for families because they don't have any exposed flame. They're also usually easier to clean.

The decrease of gas stoves in homes will also help reduce planet-warming pollution. Currently, 13% of U.S. carbon emissions come from commercial and residential energy use.

Impulse has yet to release the price for its new lithium-ion powered stove, and it is not yet taking orders. In the meantime, Impulse founder and CEO Sam D'Amico shared a video demonstrating how its stove can boil water 10 times faster than a gas stove. 

"The argument should be over when you can ship something literally 10 times better," D'Amico wrote in a tweet sharing the clip.

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