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TikTok-famous chef explains why he cooks on an induction stove: 'They are safer for families'

"With induction, depending on how you're using it, it's pretty much immediate."

Induction stoves

TikTok chef Jonathan Kung (aka @jonkung) has answered a commonly asked question posed by his more than 1.5 million followers — why does he use induction stoves

"The trick with induction is that there is a magnetic field working so that the pan is heating itself from within," Kung says in his video. "With induction, depending on how you're using it, it's pretty much immediate. It's not really making any kind of sacrifices versus an open flame as much as it's just an adjustment in timing."

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After outlining how easy it is to switch to induction cooking, the chef then explains exactly why he made the choice.

"They are safer for families because they don't have any exposed flames," he says. "Fumes from gas burners are a massive source of indoor air pollution, and they're way easier to clean, which to me is a huge selling point."

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Finally, Kung moves onto another crucial point: the environmental advantages.

"I do think those of us with access to it have the responsibility to adopt it from a climate standpoint," he explains. "Fossil gas is now the largest source of climate pollution in the United States, which accounts for 29% of U.S. emissions and 40% of emissions globally."

While the majority of gas usage in the home is used on heating and generating electricity, every little bit helps when it comes to changing the habits of households across America. Even reducing your gas usage by a small amount can both save you money and reduce the amount of planet-warming gases released.

Other TikTok users in the comments were impressed by the chef's rationale, and he has accrued more than 25,000 likes on the video. One viewer wrote: "I have my first house and am making some upgrades. You just sold me on not doing a gas range."

One viewer noted another way to increase the sustainability of the home, writing: "Good info! Thanks for sharing! Opening an all-electric kitchen soon bc we were unable to run gas lines."

Ultimately, the induction solution seems to be a great way forward if you have the ability to integrate it into your home. Kung himself is using a plug-in induction stove, so you don't need to make major changes to your kitchen to switch over.

"Honestly, it wasn't much of a sacrifice," Kung concludes in the video. "It's only made my life easier in the long run."

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