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TikToker reveals why induction stoves are a game-changer for post-cooking clean-up: 'What is this sorcery?'

"No bad smells."


Photo Credit: @mcmullanappliance / TikTok

There's something that feels almost unforgivable about spilling on the stovetop while you're cooking. With electric or gas stoves, the best-case scenario is cleaning up a charred mess when you're done cooking. 

But induction stoves are making spills a nonissue.

The seemingly impossible feat is demonstrated in a TikTok posted by Canada-based appliance store McMullan Appliance & Mattress (@mcmullanappliance). In the video, one of the store's employees removes maple syrup from an induction stove with nothing but a cloth. 

"No burning, no smoking, [and] no bad smells!" the user says in the video.


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This is because induction stoves use electromagnetic energy, as opposed to gas or electricity. Underneath the stovetop is a magnetic field instead of a heating element. 

When the stove is turned on and the cookware placed on the stovetop, the magnetic field underneath transfers a magnetic current through the cookware, heating up the pan or pot. As a result, the surface of the stove barely gets hot.

Because of this, induction stoves not only allow for easy clean up, but they also reduce the risk of burns — a plus for anyone using the stove, but especially for families that have young children. (Note: You should still be careful before touching a recently used induction stove. Always check to make sure it isn't hot.)

Induction stoves are also more environmentally friendly than other stoves. According to Consumer Reports, induction stoves are 5 to 10% more energy-efficient than electric stoves and also about three times more efficient than gas stoves — meaning that induction stoves require less energy overall to operate. 

One TikTok user commented, "The clean up is amazing on induction, I've had pasta water boil over & can take a towel right to [the] edge of [the] pot… it's amazing! I highly recommend it." 

Others users were rightly delighted by the idea of less mess, commenting, "So, when my potatoes boil over they won't burn? Amazing!" and, "What is this sorcery?!!!!" 

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