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Mom shares genius tricks to slash your energy bill amid sweltering heat: 'We were shell-shocked at the bill'

"It's rough."

"It's rough."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Summer is here! Now it's time to stay cool, as most of the United States is predicted to experience an abnormally hot July, per Axios. Early-season heat waves have already placed 100 million people — nearly a third of the country — under heat advisories, as The New York Times reported. Fortunately, residents are using their creativity to be resilient in the face of scorching heat while lowering energy usage

One Texas mom, Christina (@teamhay5), took to TikTok to share tips on how to deal with high daytime temperatures energy-efficiently. 

The scoop

According to BKV Energy, the average daily high temperature in Texas was 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit in summer 2023. Christina shared their experience dealing with the oppressive heat.

@teamhay5 Lower your electricity bill this summer! Money saving tips to beat the heat! #moneysavingtips #cheapmom #conserveenergy #savemoneytips #homeschoolmom #oneincomefamily ♬ Acoustic Warm - JerryJeyy

The video starts with an explanation about the sweltering heat in Central Texas — followed by what anyone can do at home to deal with discomfort. The tips include turning off any lights and appliances not in use, turning on fans instead of the air conditioner, closing curtains to keep the sun's rays out of the house, and planning dinners for times when the energy grid is not in high usage. 

The creator demonstrates each tip, showing data on their computer of the local daily energy supply and demand.

"Following these tips won't only help you save money, but it also helps conserve energy, which protects against brownouts and blackouts," the TikToker explains.

How it's helping

Demand for energy is typically higher in summer months. The amount of electricity consumed by Americans has nearly doubled over the last 50 years, averaging 1,384 kilowatt-hours per person. This translates to every citizen burning 662 pounds of coal or driving 1,486 miles, per Carbonfund.org. 

Insulating your home against the elements is a win-win: You can save money on your power bill while creating less pollution through unnecessary heating and cooling. Even better, tax benefits make it more affordable and easier to turn a profit on your investment.

Many companies offer solar energy that doesn't even require panels to be installed for users to benefit from the renewable energy. Arcadia, for example, estimates that its customers save as much as 10% on their monthly utility bills through solar credits

This hack of changing daily habits around the house can protect your health, ease spending on your wallet, and ensure cleaner air. It's great all around. 

What everyone's saying

TikTokers expressed gratitude for the DIY tips, as they can save money that could be used for other expenses

"As someone new to Texas we were shell-shocked at the bill," one user said.

"Yes! It's rough," Christina responded. 

"I hope this helps! Stay cool," the video text says.

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