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This 'game-changing' dollar hack may save your fridge from eating up extra energy: 'It's a win-win'

"This is really good to know!"

“This is really good to know!”

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Lowering your energy bills may be easier than you thought. A variety of hacks are already out there to help you conserve energy, and Waste Free Planet (@wastefreeplanet) is adding to the list with a "game-changing" trick to make sure your refrigerator isn't working overtime. 

How it works 

The hack was reposted by Waste Free Planet, a page dedicated to education on sustainable choices, from the Brisbane Sustainability Agency (@sustainablebne). 

It requires just one item — a dollar bill — and a few seconds of your time. 

If you close the bill in the refrigerator door, you shouldn't be able to yank it out with the door still closed. If you can, then your refrigerator is letting out more cold air than it should, and you need to get it resealed. 

If the seal isn't tight, the Instagrammer explains, "Your fridge is having to work harder to keep things cold and is pushing your power bill up!" 

How it's helping 

With winter here and the air getting colder, you're about to need considerably more power to keep your house comfortable. Trying out this hack now before the power bill goes up is a great way to make sure it doesn't get too high. 

Plus, Waste Free Planet explained in the caption that it's not the end of the world if the seal on your fridge needs to be replaced. "Replacing seals is reasonably cheap and will save you money in the long run," the account said. 

On top of that, keeping your energy bill low is beneficial for the environment. Until we are able to install large-scale clean energy systems, the production and consumption of energy will continue taking a toll on the environment — contributing to rising global temperatures. 

The combustion of materials to create energy causes air and thermal pollution, with dirty energy sources like coal and oil being some of the main causes of air pollution overall. 

Lowering your energy usage will help not only cut down on that, but it'll mean you have less to pay in utilities, too.

What everyone's saying 

Waste Free Planet described the benefits of the hack in their caption, adding, "It's a win-win." 

And other users seemed to agree. Viewers were grateful and encouraging in the comments.  

"This is really good to know!" one wrote, and "Love it!" said another. 

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