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This startup helps you save money on your utility bills by switching to solar power — no rooftop panels necessary

Compared to the $20,000 it typically costs to install rooftop solar, Arcadia charges $0 in upfront costs.

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Clean energy is becoming more affordable. However, upfront costs for rooftop solar panel installation and binding contracts with utility providers are creating obstacles for the 93% of Americans who don't currently use renewable energy.

Arcadia is revolutionizing access to clean energy for individuals, starting with monthly savings through community solar and wind energy.

What is Arcadia?

Arcadia is a tech company that helps virtually anyone access the money-saving benefits of solar energy without the need to install costly rooftop panels. 

Community solar platforms like Arcadia help people save money on their monthly bills while helping the U.S. transition towards clean energy — a transition that helps our wallets, the planet, national security, and our health. 

Whether you're renting or unable to invest in a solar panel system for your home, you can still help produce and reap the benefits of clean energy without ever having solar panels on your roof.

How does it work?

Community solar uses solar panels at an off-site location, typically on a solar farm. You pay for a share of the solar panels and save money through solar credits. 

These credits come from the energy generated by your share of panels and get applied to your electricity bill, lowering your monthly expenses while supplying more clean energy to the power grid. 

Your utility company will deliver energy to your home as it normally does because your share of solar panels doesn't send energy to your home but rather to the grid.

How much does it cost? 

Arcadia manages this entire process for you once you become a member — and makes the process extremely easy with no credit card requirements, no termed contracts, and an upfront cost as small as $0 a month. 

The community solar platform estimates that its customers save as much as 10% on their monthly utility bills, which can add up to hundreds of dollars annually depending on your average expenses. 

Compared to the $20,000 it typically costs to install rooftop solar, Arcadia's $0 upfront cost and utility bill credits make community solar an easier way to lower bills and help the planet.

Ready to get started?

For homeowners or renters, enter your zip code and electricity provider into Arcadia's site and check the availability of solar near you.

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