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Here's how solar power can slash your energy bill each month — without the hassle of installing panels on your home

Most customers save 5%-20% on their annual electricity costs.

Most customers save 5%-20% on their annual electricity costs.

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What if there was an easy way to support local clean energy efforts and save money on electricity without putting solar panels on your roof?

It's called community solar, and it generally works by letting you subscribe to a nearby solar farm to power your home.

What is community solar?

Community solar is a simple way to support clean, local energy and save money on your electric bills — no rooftop panels required.

Also known as shared solar or roofless solar, these innovative models make renewable energy accessible to more people — even renters and homes with shaded roofs.

💡 How much can you save with community solar?

Want the benefits of solar power without the cost of rooftop panels? Community solar is the way to go.

EnergySage makes it easy to find community solar projects in your area. Get started with their free tool to see how you can save money while helping the planet.


EnergySage | Community Solar

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Why is community solar important?

By making solar accessible to more people, community solar is a game-changer in the shift to cleaner energy. Subscribing to these shared solar projects in your area helps boost local renewable power and creates good jobs, all while putting money back in your pocket.

Most community solar customers save 5%-20% on their annual electricity costs, according to EnergySage. With energy prices rising over 17% within the last few years, those savings can really add up.

Beyond the financial benefits, the average community solar subscriber helps cut around eight tons of harmful CO2 emissions per year. That's like planting 115 trees or not driving 16,500 miles, according to EnergySage.

As one happy community solar user put it: "Now we're saving off our energy bill … and doing a little extra to help the planet. Win win!"

How does community solar work?

There are some different models for community solar, but the most familiar one is pretty simple.

When you subscribe to a solar farm, you pay for a share of its renewable electricity generation. Your provider might calculate the share you need based on your energy usage. The farm sells you solar credits at a discount compared to the price you'd pay for utility electricity. These credits reduce your utility bill.

So, while you still get power from your regular utility, your bill is reduced thanks to the cheaper solar you're supporting. Signing up is easy, and you can usually cancel anytime without penalty if you move or change your mind.

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How community solar creates a cleaner environment

Beyond boosting local solar, community projects like these often strengthen the electricity grid. Utilities often strategically place solar farms in areas prone to power outages, saving money on grid upgrades and maintenance.

Solar farms also help states meet their renewable energy targets and reduce reliance on dirty pollution. The U.S. aims to add enough community solar to power 5 million homes by 2025. With a cleaner grid, we can all breathe easier.

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How to see if you can save with community solar

Sold on solar but not sure if community or rooftop is right for you? Research is a great first step.

Visit EnergySage's free Community Solar Marketplace to see if you're eligible and start comparing local projects.

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