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Goodwill shopper astounded after discovering price tag slapped on mug: 'Whoever priced this had never seen one'

"I think someone messed up."

"I think someone messed up."

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Paying $3 for a coffee mug seems pretty reasonable in most cases, which was probably what led a Goodwill to slap a $2.88 price tag on this one, which a lucky thrifter recently picked up. The catch, however, is that this particular mug retails for $130.

"I think someone messed up," the thrifter wrote, sharing a picture of their find with the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. "I bought this for $2.88 today. It didn't have the cable, but I had one that fit. I'm gonna guess whoever priced this had never seen one."

"I think someone messed up."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The mug in question is an Ember Mug, marketed as "The World's First Temperature Control Mug." It uses "patented temperature control technology" to keep drinks hot indefinitely, and can be controlled via your smartphone.

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And a 10 oz version does indeed retail for $129.50. A 14 oz version is even more expensive, at $149.50. While we can all draw our own conclusions about whether that is a good price for this product, we can probably all agree that the thrifter who snagged one for $2.88 got quite a deal.

"I'm so jealous. I've wanted one for a while but I haven't been able to justify the price. Great find!" wrote one commenter.

Thrifting isn't just a great way to save money and score products that might have otherwise been out of your price range — it's good for the planet as well. By buying products secondhand, we can save them from being sent to already overcrowded landfills, while decreasing our need for new products that come with a host of environmental drawbacks including supply chain heat-trapping gas emissions, plastic packaging, and more. 

Many thrifters have recently shared their amazing finds on the internet, including a range of treasures from high-quality cookware to a rare record to a $1,500 coat.

And as for the Ember, apparently, finding one of these mugs at the thrift store is not as uncommon as you might think, as multiple commenters shared similar stories. 

"Our local Goodwills never know about them, we find them for $3-5 often, but unfortunately a fair share of them are personalized for businesses that were given out to employees as gifts," wrote one. "Enjoy your find, my wife loves hers, and her mom loves the one she grabbed for her as well."

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