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Best reusable coffee cups to start the morning right

No matter what type of beverage you start (or end) your day with, these reusable coffee cups are the perfect companion.

Best reusable coffee cups to start the morning right

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If you're like us, you're not starting your day without a cup (or three) of that life-giving bean-water called coffee. But it's time to ditch those single-use cups for something more planet-friendly, like a reusable coffee cup. 

In addition to the waste they produce (try 50+ billion cups per year in the U.S.), single-use cups also release microplastics into your coffee as you sip your brew. In fact, drinking just three hot beverages a day could mean ingesting a whopping 75,000 microplastic particles, according to a study published in The Journal of Hazardous Materials. Gross! 

It's never been easier or more important to upgrade to a better, reusable coffee cup, and our picks are the best of the best, no matter what type of beverage you start (or end) your day with.


KeepCup 12 oz

Why It's Cool
The perfect sipper, this reusable coffee cup is durable and easy to clean, plus 1% of sales go to environmental charities.


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Reusable Coffee Cup

Fellow Carter Mug

Why It's Cool
Beautiful design and colors, great insulation, and a handy screw-on lid for spill insurance — what more could you want?


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Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Tumbler reusable coffee cup

Stojo Cup

Why It's Cool
Unique collapsible silicone design, multiple sizes, plus responsible production standards make the Stojo reusable cup a solid choice.


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Stojo reusable coffee cup

Miir Travel Tumbler

Why It's Cool
The Miir travel tumbler's awesome design, multiple sizes, and secure flip lid are nicely complemented by the company's manufacturing process transparency.


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Insulated Travel Tumbler with Locking Flip Travel Lid for Coffee or Tea

Yeti Rambler 14 oz

Why It's Cool
Bullet-proof tough and well-insulated, this reusable coffee cup works just as well camping as it does on a Sunday morning at home.


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Stainless Steel with MagSlider Lid

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