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Redditor shares the amazingly rare Bob Dylan record they discovered while thrifting: 'Very nice find'

"Probably a $100 record."

Blood on the Tracks

Photo Credit: u/mistakesdontdefineme / Reddit

There's nothing quite like strolling into a local thrift shop and coming out with essentially free money in the form of widely underpriced goods.

One Redditor truly captured that feeling after spending a mere $35 on multiple records, one of which is easily worth more than triple that amount.

Most of the vinyls photographed by the Redditor can retail for at least $20, but some double that depending on the condition or where they're sold. Still, one record stood out above the rest: Bob Dylan's 1975 album, Blood on the Tracks.

"That [Bob] Dylan is probably a $100 record. That's a mobile fidelity pressing. Very nice find," the user says in their post. 

They went on to further explain its value, adding, "[Mobile] Fidelity Sound Labs. It's an audiophile record label that licenses recordings then remasters them and puts them out on quality vinyl. They've been around since the late '70s and they're still putting stuff out. Historically very sought after."

While there's some debate about the value of these particular types of records among enthusiasts, the music itself is still a neat find.

Acquiring vintage records doesn't solely belong to collectors or thrift-store flippers though — vinyl records are experiencing an unprecedented comeback. 

As of 2022, record sales outperformed CDs for the first time in 35 years. Artists like Taylor Swift have seen massive demand for their music on vinyl and are a major driver for the nostalgia responsible for the resurgence of the medium.

It's an interesting moment in musical history, and there's no better time to start searching for hidden treasures in your local thrift store.

Whether the musical treasure hunt is for fun or for profit, one Redditor says it best regarding the $35.00 haul: "Thrifting / Half Price Books-ing vinyl is a big pleasure."

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