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Eyebrow-raising image of Kim Kardashian's closet sparks outrage online: 'This is sick'

"It's all too much consumption."

"It's all too much consumption."

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A photo featuring Kim Kardashian and her extensive array of bags made its rounds on the r/Anticonsumption subreddit in a post titled "Celeb's Balenciaga purse collection has its own closet…." 

The original poster cropped Kardashian's head out of the picture and refused to mention her name in the caption.

"If that's just this celebs Balenciaga purse collection, I can't even imagine how many closets/collections she has in total for all the other designer brands," they wrote. "I don't even want to think about the shoe set up. It's all too much consumption, especially for one person." 

Kim Kardashian Balenciaga
Photo Credit: Reddit

Balenciaga announced Kardashian as a brand ambassador earlier this year, and some Redditors pointed out that her position as a representative meant that the Spanish fashion company likely gifted her the bags.

"This is definitely an ad campaign, she just became an ambassador for the brand. But her consumption levels are off the charts," one used said.

To the latter point, CNN noted that she has around 130 Balenciaga bags. The photo is part of the brand's "Closet Campaign" and does reportedly show Kardashian's own closet, appearing also to show several duplicates of the same style of purse, just in four or five different colors. 

It's not the first time Kardashian or her family have been criticized for their wasteful habits and environmentally deceptive business practices. 

Redditors called out Kardashian after she showed off her wardrobe with over 30,000 pieces. Her skincare and clothing brands have both been accused of greenwashing. Meanwhile, younger sister Khole was also ridiculed after images of her overstocked pantry circulated. 

While those actions are undoubtedly harmful to the environment, they also serve as a reminder of the measures that individuals can take to combat industries contributing to Earth's overheating. 

For example, shopping at thrift stores, donating unwanted but usable items to charity, and swapping clothes for store credit can save money while limiting what ends up in landfills, where trash can break down and release planet-warming gases.

Kardashian's purse closet elicited remarks of sarcasm and disgust from the comment section. 

"This is sick," one person said.

"Must be nice," another wrote, adding that one bag "could probably pay my mortgage for a year."

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