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Clip revealing Kim Kardashian's unfathomable closet sparks outrage online: 'That's really sickening'

"It's sad that our society looks up to people like this."

“It’s sad that our society looks up to people like this."

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Celebrity Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of controversy over the years. A recent video shared on the Reddit r/Anticonsumption forum shows yet another troubling side of the celebrity — this time, how problematic her closet is. 

The Reddit user shared the video under a headline reading, "It's sad that our society looks up to people like this and celebrates this level of consumption."

Kim Kardashian's closet
Photo Credit: u/jlm8981victorian / Reddit

The video shows Kardashian walking through her massive closet, which she estimates to have close to "30,000 pieces." 

She goes on to explain, "[Finding pieces is] like my biggest insecurity … finding out what my next muse relationship is going to be like." 

Kardashian is valued at $1.7 billion, which recently increased from $1.2 billion thanks to investments in Skims — one of the clothing companies she co-owns. The media mogul has been able to use her financial status to purchase copious amounts of goods and allegedly four homes within close proximity of one another. 

Kardashian's ostentatious displays of wealth are in stark contrast to the anticonsumption movement. The clothing industry alone accounts for 10% of global carbon pollution through packaging, manufacturing, and disposal. 

Waste is also a very real issue in the fashion industry. Fast fashion — meaning industries that encourage customers to buy cheap clothing only to throw it away — has contributed to overflowing landfills and microplastics in waterways. 85% of textiles purchased are dumped within the same year, which is the equivalent of burning or dumping one garbage truck's worth of clothes every second. 

Kardashian's massive clothing selection illustrates how pervasive mass consumption is, even for celebrities. 

Other Reddit users were shocked by the size of her closet. "Her closet alone is larger than many people's houses," one user wrote. "That's really sickening imo."

"Wow, at first glance, I thought this was a fulfillment center for a clothing company," another shared.

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