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Kim Kardashian's skincare line SKKN gets called out for greenwashing: 'This has to be a joke'

"I want this to be satire so bad."

Skincare company, SKKN

Photo Credit: @acteevism / TikTok

Greenwashing is way too common these days, with a recent survey showing nearly 60% of global and 70% of U.S. executives admitting that their companies participated in greenwashing — and America's most notorious reality TV family is no exception. 

Sustainability TikToker Megan McSherry (@acteevism) called out Kim Kardashian's skincare company, SKKN, in a video about the brand's "refillable" bottles.

"Don't run on empty. Refill the responsible way with a sustainable ritual," SKKN's original post from June 2022 said. (Note: The word "sustainable" has since been changed to "renewable" following backlash.)   

@acteevism @SKKN BY KIM i am available for consulting to make your packaging actually refillable (or at least revise your claims so you aren't greenwashing) 😉 #greenwashing #skkn #greenscreenvideo ♬ BoJack's Theme - Patrick Carney

McSherry took the brand to task with a response video, writing "Miss Kimmy K, this is not refillable" and that the bottle was really just "a product with a reusable case." 

McSherry captioned her video with a direct callout to the skin care line: "I am available for consulting to make your packaging actually refillable (or at least revise your claims so you aren't greenwashing.)"

In case you're unfamiliar with greenwashing, it's when a business invests more in marketing itself as being planet-friendly than in actually doing the work and taking the steps needed to reduce its negative environmental impact.

This tricky tactic communicates false or exaggerated information and misleads consumers who are looking to spend their money on truly sustainable products and services from environmentally-sound brands. 

The unfortunate result is more unsustainable, harmful practices happening around the world with huge impacts on our natural resources and landfills. And with over 40% of green claims being exaggerated, deceptive, or simply plain wrong, it's clearly a growing concern.

McSherry's fellow TikTokers seem to agree completely. One couldn't understand how the original product video got approved.

"I want this to be satire so bad," they write

"Literally who approved this," comments another user. "This is the same as a decorative tissue box holding the actual tissue box inside of it??"

Another wasn't sure it was real. 

"This has to be a joke", they say, while another pointed out, "The worst part is that her fans are STILL going to mindlessly purchase it with a good conscience."

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