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Here's how to cut your grocery bill by 40% with easy swaps: 'Shoppers are always looking for ways to save'

Who doesn't love to save boatloads of cash?

Eating meatless groceries cost 40% less

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With rising grocery prices, shoppers are always looking for ways to save. 

A new study shows that grocery shopping is more affordable on average when buying ingredients for meals that don't include meat. So being strategic about what kinds of foods you buy and swapping out some weekly go-to recipes for meatless ones may help you save on your grocery bill.

The consulting firm Kantar conducted the study and found that a typical family spends about $2.36 per person to cook a meal with meat, but only $1.41 per person for a plant-based meal. 

They also found that meals that don't include meat take about one-third less time to prepare and cook, so this switch could be a win-win for people who want to spend less money and less time in the kitchen. Eating more plants is also a great thing to do for your brain, heart and overall health

Of course, some vegan products, like plant-based cheeses and meat alternatives, can come at a premium, but even factoring in those costs, the savings still add up. Plus, many great, meat-free recipes rely on veggies and lower-cost protein sources that can be bought in bulk, like beans and lentils. 

Another factor to consider is that prices for animal products like beef are rising faster than other staples.

In addition to the cost savings, swapping out some meat-based meals for meatless ones is one of the best things you as an individual can do for your community. Vegetables and other plant-based foods use much less water and land to produce than meat. Farm animals are also a big source of the methane pollution, which contributes to rising temperatures and increasingly common extreme weather events. 

Between the time and money savings and the added health benefits, it just makes sense to try some meatless meals a few times a week. If you need some inspiration to get started, check out these recipe roundups for great plant-based meals, including some great barbeque recipes, meals for buffalo sauce lovers, and meat-free versions of classic Italian and Mexican dishes.

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