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These are the best vegetables to grow for beginners

You don't have to be an expert gardener to watch these plants thrive.

Easiest vegetables to grow for beginners

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Not everyone has a green thumb. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to grow some of our own veggies! 

Here are five of the best vegetables to grow for beginners.


Let us start with this leafy green. Lettuce is one of the best vegetables for gardening beginners to grow. It can handle colder temperatures (above 45°F), the seeds are cheap, and it can be directly sown, meaning you can plant seeds directly rather than transplanting young plants.

Bell Peppers

These tasty peppers are also a great option for beginners. Start by planting the seedlings inside. Then, once it's warm enough outside (above 50°F during the night), move the plants to your garden. After this, growing your peppers should be smooth sailing. 


Though technically a fruit, tomatoes are a major home garden favorite. They are easiest to grow when the weather isn't too hot or too cold, and they like between 4-6 hours of sun every day. Tomatoes can also be grown from seeds or seedlings.


If you need another easy veggie to grow, look no further. Cucumbers are a great food to have in your garden, especially if you have a decent amount of space. These vegetables flourish best in warmer weather with a lot of sun. They also develop on fast-growing vines, meaning you really get your bang for your buck by growing cucumbers.


Carrots are pretty easy to grow if you give them a ton of sun. They also thrive best in soils without lots of rocks, so make sure you have relatively loose soil. The seeds of many varieties of carrots are cheaply available, making them a gardening favorite.

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