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5 creative meatless meals for the Buffalo sauce lover in your life

Buffalo sauce goes well with everything — but it really elevates these five dishes to the next level.

Images of satisfying vegan Buffalo sauce recipes

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Buffalo sauce is so delicious that it always deserves to be capitalized. But today we aren't talking about takeout. Instead, we have some creative vegan Buffalo recipes that you can easily make at home to satisfy your craving. 

Check out these tangy meatless recipes: everything from a super-easy wrap to a classic calzone, a creamy pasta, and two more familiar-looking Buffalo preparations in case the boneless "wing" format is what you're after.

Buffalo Alfredo Pasta

This first recipe is the love child of two of the most craveable comfort foods out there. Alfredo sauce is already a perfect food — and yet, someone found a way to improve it by adding Buffalo sauce. That someone is Shakayla (@sweetgreensvegan) on TikTok, who came up with a dairy-free Buffalo alfredo pasta recipe that looks incredible. The full recipe is on Shakayla's website, along with tons of other incredible vegan comfort food.

@sweetgreensvegan Extra creamy vegan Buffalo Alfredo pasta! Full video on my YT + website #foodtok #foodie #alfredorecipe #pasta #pastatiktok ♬ Calm LoFi song(882353) - S_R

Buffalo Chickpea Wrap

Some sandwiches are better as a wrap. This chickpea-based Buffalo wrap can be whipped up in just 10 minutes according to its creator, Carleigh Bodrug (@plantyou). Watch the video below to see how simple the steps are. If you need more instructions, the full recipe is posted on Carleigh's website. She does tell her viewers that once they make this wrap, they may want to make it again and again and again; so if you decide to try this one, don't say she didn't warn you.

@plantyou Buffalo Chickpea Wrap #recipe #vegan #plantbased #wrap #beans ♬ Little Things - Adrian Berenguer

Buffalo Stromboli

If you're not familiar, stromboli is basically an enormous calzone that you slice up to eat. This version from Brad the Boxer (​​@bradtheboxer) happens to be loaded with Buffalo nuggets and accompanied with bomb-looking ranch and marinara dipping sauces. In his IG reel below, you can find the full recipe in the caption. It's truly a beautiful sight. 

Buffalo Cauliflower

Something about cauliflower with Buffalo sauce just works, and this recipe from Amanda Le (@rawmanda) is a perfect example. As Le demonstrates, recreating this recipe at home is not a hard process at all: just whip up a simple batter and some Buffalo sauce, and you're basically done. She goes through all the steps and provides measurements for each ingredient in the TikTok below.

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Chickpea Buffalo 'Wings'

Our last meat-free Buffalo recipe has the most familiar look to it, and it happens to be an air fryer recipe. These boneless "wings" are made with a chickpea base and a "skin" of rice paper. This clever idea comes from Justine Colbert (@justinecooksvegan). It takes a little more work than the Buffalo cauliflower, but it's worth it if you want the feeling of biting into a crispy drumstick.

@justinecooksvegan Reply to @saraanara these are a game changer 🌱✨ #fyp #buffalowings #plantbased #veganrecipes #tiktoktailgate #foodtok ♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

We hope these vegan Buffalo recipes have shown you the many possibilities of this beloved, versatile sauce beyond classic wings. Go forth and get your Frank's on!

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