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Domino's just announced a massive change to how it delivers its pizzas: 'A wide range of advantages'

The move from Domino's is part of a greater, years-long effort on the company's part.

The Chevy Bolt, Domino's electric vehicle for pizza delivery.

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The Chevy Bolt has been a cult favorite of electric vehicle fans for years, as it has held the title of the cheapest EV available to American consumers. Unfortunately, General Motors has plans to halt production of the Chevy Bolt at the end of 2023 in order to make more electric pickup trucks and SUVs. 

But before they do, Domino's is buying up over 1,150 of them and turning them into pizza delivery cars.

According to reporting from Electrek, the popular pizza chain has already added 800 Chevy Bolts to its fleet of delivery cars so far this year, with plans to add around 300 more. (The precise figure is 1,156, according to Domino's website).  

The Domino's website also includes an interactive map of the United States, which allows you to click on your state to estimate the chances that your pizza will be delivered in an EV. 

In Michigan, for example, there are currently 88 EVs on the road delivering Domino's, with a total of 103 expected by the end of 2023. In California, there are 81 currently, and there will be 140 by the end of the year. On the other end, West Virginia has zero and will not be getting any.

According to Electrek, this will represent the largest fleet of pizza-delivering electric vehicles in the United States.

Though it is sad that the Chevy Bolt is being discontinued, it is fitting that the popular and affordable hatchback EV will continue to bring people joy, now in the form of pizza.

The move from Domino's is part of the company's overall effort to achieve net-zero carbon emissions status by 2050. It previously introduced e-bikes to its delivery fleet in 2019. The e-bikes and the EVs should help Domino's work towards its stated goal while also cutting down on gas expenditures and helping our planet at the same time.

"We're continuing to see a wide range of advantages from using EVs," Joe Jordan, Domino's president of U.S. and global services, told Electrek. "In addition to business and environmental benefits, an electric delivery fleet also helps with hiring drivers, as they open up a whole new pool of job candidates who may not have their own vehicles."

Domino's has also made an effort to educate its customers on the fact that greasy pizza boxes can, in fact, be recycled, despite some assumptions that the boxes have been soiled with food waste and must be thrown away. The company now includes recycling information printed on the boxes.

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