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The Chevy Bolt just set a 560-mile world record for electric vehicles — but GM has plans to halt production for good

The electric crossover is making its debut in Brazil and will be sold on a limited basis.

Chevy Bolt EUV

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The Chevy Bolt EUV (electric utility vehicle) just set a world record, going 560 miles on a single charge. This is the highest range achieved by any electric vehicle (EV) in its category, according to the GM Authority website (among other sources). Still, it might represent more of a feat in driving efficiency rather than advances in technology.

The Bolt EUV electric crossover is making its debut in Brazil and will be sold on a limited basis. The company celebrated with an efficiency challenge event, which utilized more than 70 drivers, including journalists, influencers, customers, dealers, partners, and GM employees, per Karmactive. 

The participants took turns driving the car for a total of 28 hours and 30 minutes on a round track in Brazil's Sao Paulo state.

The challenge: drivers employed energy-saving tactics by avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, as well as avoiding the use of heating systems and air conditioning. The average driving speed was 21.7 miles per hour.

EVs are an important part of the transition to more eco-friendly transportation because they are responsible for far fewer planet-warming gases than traditional cars. However, one of the major challenges still facing the EV market is the lack of charging stations — currently, there just aren't enough to meet demand. 

This issue could lead to "range anxiety," or the fear that an EV will not have enough battery charge to reach its destination. As the world moves toward closing infrastructure gaps, EVs that can travel longer distances (or driving techniques that can result in greater range) can help absolve some fears for potential customers interested in going electric.

Ironically, General Motors announced its intent to halt the production of its Bolt EV and EUV by the end of this year. 

Reddit's r/electricvehicles forum was abuzz following the announcement after one user posted the news. Several commenters brought up the fact that the car was being discontinued, with one saying, "GM: oh my, we'd better stop making Bolts right now!" Other complaints included the ideal conditions drivers had to adhere to in order to achieve the feat.

On that note, a writer at The Drive seemed similarly unimpressed, saying, "The Chevrolet Bolt EUV is not long for this world and its battery technology is anything but new. Rated by the EPA at 247 miles of range, it's solidly average when it comes to how far it can travel." 

After pointing out the speed and conditions at which the drivers had to maneuver the vehicle, the writer continued, "It just goes to show that how you drive can matter more than what you drive.

"Over on a ChevyBolt.com forum, commenters had similar complaints, but at least one was enthusiastic, saying, "Wow, 560 miles is an incredible range result on one charge. That works out to about 8.6 miles/kWh. It's amazing what efficiency the Bolt is capable of under ideal constant speed and conditions. I would be curious to know if any other EVs have exceeded that 8.6 mi/kWh efficiency in a similar sort of maximum range test."

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