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Hiker stumbles upon 'revolting' scene on shore of remote beach: 'It's always like this'

"Say no to garbage. Say yes to proper forms of disposal."

"Say no to garbage. Say yes to proper forms of disposal."

Photo Credit: Instagram

Jamaican scholar, cultural activist, and writer Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah (@culturedoctor) documented a disheartening scene of plastic waste polluting a Jamaican beach during one of her hiking trail chronicles. 

"Slippers, bottles, plastic of all kinds," she describes as the camera pans over piles of litter scattered across the secluded beach. "We're off the beaten path; this is not Kingston Harbor. And, yet, what we have is a lot of plastic everywhere." 

As she continues along the shore, Dr. Stanley Niaah reminds Jamaican residents that the entire island, from the coast to its trails, must be clean to make the country a formidable hiking destination for tourists and citizens alike. 

"Say no to garbage. Say yes to proper forms of disposal. Say yes to recycling," Dr. Stanley Niaah urged viewers. 

This video is an excellent reminder for us to all reduce our plastic usage and make strides toward cleaner oceans, trash-free hiking trails and waterways, and a healthier planet overall. 

One easy step is to choose plastic-free alternatives for everyday products and choose items that have eco-friendly packaging or no packaging at all. 

For example, you can buy unpackaged fruits and vegetables and carry them in reusable bags rather than plastic-wrapped produce when shopping for food. 

Switching to reusable water bottles and to-go containers are also fantastic ways to cut down on the amount of single-use plastics. 

Remember, even small changes to our daily routines can significantly reduce plastic waste over time, protecting our environment and leading the way toward a more beautiful future.  

Viewers of the video expressed their disappointment at the trash on the beach. 

"I wish a private company/government would start a plastic recycling program that collects plastic of every kind and turn them into slippers, tables, even building materials; thus providing jobs and reducing waste," a third commenter proposed, perhaps inspired by similar successful initiatives. 

"It's always like this at this spot," an Instagram user said about the beach featured in the video. 

"Take only photos, leave only memories. The trash problem in Jamaica is revolting, " another commenter added. 

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