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Shopper shows off collection of vintage purses bought at thrift stores: 'I'm thrilled with what I've been able to find'

"It's my dream to thrift a Coach City bag."

"It's my dream to thrift a Coach City bag."

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Shopping secondhand is like a treasure hunt, and sometimes you strike gold. One collector was lucky enough to score repeatedly. 

The dedicated thrifter took to Reddit to show off their collection of vintage bags. In a post shared to r/ThriftStoreHauls, the committed shopper showed off an impressive group of Coach products. The photo featured 10 lovely bags in varying sizes and colors. 

"It's my dream to thrift a Coach City bag."
Photo Credit: Reddit

In the caption, the poster said: "I'm thrilled with what I've been able to find in the past few years! All have been authenticated, were thrifted for between $5-$50, and range from early 1970s to mid '90s." 

The poster added that the most expensive bag was a 1970s "Crescent bag, which is incredibly rare." The majority of leather Crescent bags on eBay and Poshmark are listed for over $100, with many over $200. This collection of bags could probably be sold for thousands of dollars, and this savvy shopper got them all for roughly the price of one new Coach bag. 

Thrifting is a great way to score vintage and unique items, but it can also reduce the amount you spend on your day-to-day shopping, potentially saving the average shopper more than $1,700 per year, per Coupon Follow. Plus, shopping secondhand can keep textile waste out of landfills. The production of new clothes is more polluting than you might imagine, as many are made from synthetic materials and contribute to our microplastics problem. 

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council,  "Apparel and footwear production is responsible for anywhere between 4 and 8.6 percent of [planet-warming pollution]." Purchasing fewer new clothes is one way to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry. Vintage clothes are often made to last longer, so not only are you getting a discount at the thrift shop, but you'll also likely need to buy fewer clothes in the long run. 

With perks like that, as well as the other amazing finds frequently celebrated on social media, it's easy to see why the secondhand market is continuing to grow. In its most recent resale report, ThredUp projected the market will be worth $350 billion by 2028.

As for the thrifting community on Reddit, it was impressed with this Coach haul. One commenter wrote: "Gorgeous! It's my dream to thrift a Coach City bag. Congratulations!"

Another person said, "Your collection is stunning!"

One envious thrifter chimed in: "Omg. I'm so jealous right now. I've been looking for a vintage Coach backpack."

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