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Lucky shopper reveals how they scored a $4,200 Valentino dress for a shockingly low price: 'The find of a lifetime'

"What. A. Find."

Valentino dress at Goodwill

Photo Credit: u/lowlife9/ Reddit

A thrift store may not seem like the place to find designer clothes, but some Redditors are proving that to be wrong. The best part? The designer clothes are a fraction of the original price. 

One Redditor recently posted about a dress from the designer brand Valentino Garavani that they found at Goodwill for $8. The beautiful design is a bright red, mid-length dress covered in floral lace. It is listed on other websites at $4,200. 

Deals like this show up at thrift stores for clothing and other items like furniture and dishes

Buying second-hand is a fantastic way to save money on clothing or to help furnish your house on a budget. On average, shoppers can save $1,700 each year by thrifting

Shopping secondhand also gives you more options for unique clothing — mainstream stores often follow similar fashion trends each season, and thrifting gives you access to a much wider variety. If you really want to make things interesting, try to turn thrifting into a competition to see who can find the best deal — maybe you'll get lucky and find a designer item!

On top of being budget-friendly, thrifting is great for the environment. 

The fashion industry is responsible for between 2% to 8% of harmful air pollution, reported the United Nations Environmental Program. By comparison, air travel is responsible for 2.5%

Plus, the industry is also a huge contributor to global wastewater — it takes more than 700 gallons of water to produce even one T-shirt, reported Triple Pundit. 

By thrifting even a small portion of your wardrobe you can help cut down the demand for clothing — and you might even find a great deal while you're at it! 

Commenters on the Reddit post were in awe of the find. "What. A. Find. Wow," one wrote, while another commented, "The find of a lifetime — so beautiful! It was meant to be." 

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