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Bargain hunter reveals how they saved hundreds by thrifting a 'gorgeous' set of rattan barstools: '6 dollars each'

Similar stools are for sale online for anywhere from $150-$300 apiece.

Set of rattan barstools

Photo Credit: r/ThriftStoreHauls / Reddit

Anyone who has ever had to furnish a new home or apartment knows that furniture is incredibly expensive. Unless, of course, you head down to your local thrift store, where you might just find exactly what you want for practically nothing at all.

One Reddit user put that on display when they took to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit to show off their recent find: two beautiful rattan bar stools, seemingly in perfect condition, purchased from a local Goodwill for a mere $6 apiece.

"6 dollars each at goodwill!" the poster writes. "They match our other furniture so well."

The specific brand isn't noted, so it's impossible to tell exactly what these bar stools would have cost new, but various similar stools are for sale online for anywhere from $150 to $300. In any case, this Redditor definitely got an incredible deal.

It's not hard to see why thrifting and the secondhand market continues to rise in popularity. But people's reasons for wanting to buy more secondhand products go beyond simply saving money. Thrifting is also good for the environment. It isn't just fast fashion that is clogging our landfills — fast furniture is a big problem as well. 

According to the EPA, Americans throw away about 9 million tons of furniture every year, accounting for roughly 5% of the total waste sitting in landfills. Part of the problem is that a lot of cheap furniture is not made to be repairable. It's intended to have a short lifespan, encouraging consumers to keep buying new products.

But one way to avoid all that is to hunt for deals at your local thrift store, where you can find more durable pieces for cheap and save those pieces from the landfill at the same time.

Not only that, but you might just get compliments from people on the internet, which always feels nice.

"You absolutely scored! They're gorgeous!" writes one commenter on the post about the rattan bar stools.

"Love the other chair you have, too. Agreed they go perfectly," writes another.

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