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Thrift shopper in shock after snagging a vintage dress that could re-sell for over $10,000: 'You're gonna freak out'

The vintage dress could be worth up to $10,000 if found to be authentic.

vintage Versace dress at the thrift store

Photo Credit: @dunk.sarah/ TikTok

Sometimes, that diamond in the rough could be just a clothing rack away. TikToker Sarah Dunk had just that lucky moment while thrift shopping in Toronto.

She said she didn't "want to be dramatic" in her video showing a very rare gem of a find: A vintage Versace dress for about $12 that could be worth much more — even $10,000 if found to be authentic. So, this is the very type of thing that almost warrants drama, and she even warns, " … but, that over there, you're gonna freak out."


I have no words

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"I have no words," says the caption. At the clip's start, Sarah is standing beside a thrift store clothes rack. She grabs the dress and shows the price tag of CAD 17.49 alongside a Gianni Versace label.

Sarah excitedly chats with her shopping companion, and you can hear her calling the dress "perfect" and "stunning" before placing the dress in front of her to check its potential fit.

Aside from the clear financial gain that vintage couture pieces can offer shoppers, there are a slew of environmental benefits to thrifting — whether you're seeking shoes, furniture, outerwear, or just about anything else. Since the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of global air pollution, buying secondhand clothing instead means you're helping to reduce that. By consuming fewer resources, you use less landfill space.

On top of this, more than 90% of the world's clothing companies don't give their workers living wages and many have been reported to provide dirty, unsafe working conditions.

Not surprisingly, commenters were envious and excited about Sarah's find. "Girl WHERE are you thrifting and HOW do you find stuff this great?? AMAAAAAZING," one exclaimed. Another showed total support for thrifting: "Every designer piece I own was thrifted 💅🏽."

Others expressed hope that she bought the dress: "For 17 dollars 😳 unreal I hope you got it," and "THATS VINTAGE VERSACE. YOU BETTER HAVE GOT IT."

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