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Homeowner shares brilliant way to repurpose empty beauty product bottles: 'I love your idea!'

"Hoarding trash finally paid off."

"Hoarding trash finally paid off."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Your spare glass jars have a lot of potential. This TikTok video will show you how to transform your empty Bath and Body Works fragrance bottles into useful watering and propagation stations.

The scoop

On TikTok, Joy (@joy2thewrld) shared how she upcycles her empty fragrance jars.

@joy2thewrld Probably going to turn the rest of these into a propagation station now 😗 #plantsoftiktok #monstera #upcycling ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus

The video's text reads: "POV hoarding trash finally paid off."

Joy fills the tiny jar with water and submerges her Monstera plant's aerial roots. A Monstera's aerial roots don't need to be permanently submerged in water, so Joy explains this hack is just for "in the short term [as] it can provide a consistent water source and even lead to more rapid leaf growth!" 

In the description, Joy shared her plans to "turn the rest of these [bottles] into a propagation station now."

If you're trying this trick yourself, be sure to give the jars a thorough rinse to avoid any potential harm to your plants from leftover fragrance or chemicals.

How it's helping 

This hack is just one of many ways you can upcycle little glass jars throughout your house. You can also use them to store seeds, hold candles, or organize your workshop.

Upcycling offers a fantastic opportunity to give new life and purpose to items in your home that might otherwise end up in the trash. Your old pair of jeans can become an artsy backpack. Worn-out cooking pots can become makeshift plant pots for orchids. There are endless ways to turn what you have into something brand new.

Many organizations work to make recycling easier and more accessible. If you're having trouble getting rid of your old clothes, for example, check out ThredUp, a company that buys and resells your old clothes. With its Clean Out Kit, you can send in your clothes and receive shopping credit to thrift online.

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If you're looking for more fun ways to recycle and upcycle, read our guide.

What everyone's saying

Comments praised Joy's idea for a short-term watering solution.

"There really should be a recycling program through bath and body for these," one user proposed. "So wasteful. I love your idea!"

One comment had an adorable idea: "OMG glue magnets on them and you can have tiny fridge magnet plants!!!"

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