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Ametuer seamstress shares her incredible trick for making use of old jeans: 'You could totally sell these'

"I only recently got into this hobby."

Upcycling feats

Photo Credit: u/Educational_Target56/ Reddit

An artsy Redditor transformed denim scraps and Nike patches into a backpack that looks even better than what you'd find on the racks at the mall. 

In a Reddit post, this user shared photos of their impressive crafting feat, creating a one-of-a-kind backpack from upcycled materials.

The Redditor created an original pattern for this backpack, equipped with adjustable straps, a top loop for hanging, and a zipper closure. There's even a side pocket for essential items or a small water bottle.

"I only recently got into this hobby, and I honestly can't stop," the Redditor writes in their post.  

The backpack's flashy design is full of bright colors, unique textures, and world-famous Nike labels and logos. The Redditor reused Nike patches and tags.

This project is a great example of how upcycling can help your personal style, your wallet, and the planet.

Upcycling is an increasingly popular practice for people to collect and remanufacture materials into new items. 

This saves fabric scraps, leftover materials, or even old furniture from ending up in landfills. By upcycling old items, you're avoiding unnecessary purchases that likely contribute to pollution during production. 

Upcycling raw materials and fabrics you already own into new pieces can also help you save money. Nike backpacks can retail from anywhere between $20 and $300. This Redditor used materials they already had, preventing an expensive trip to a sporting goods store. 

Redditers praised this user's crafty patchwork project in the post's comment section.

"That's amazing," one user writes. "You could totally sell these. I would probably buy something like that!"

"Pretty cool piece! Looks pretty trendy too," another user says. 

A Redditor adds, "You have a talented eye. I hope you continue doing projects like this."

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