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Dad shares genius hack for getting the most out of used salsa jars: 'My dad did this too'

"Anytime it gets low, I buy more."

Screws organized in repurposed jars

Photo Credit: @dadadvicefrombo / Instagram

A viral Instagram Reel is showing people how to avoid wasting glass jars with an interesting trick. 

The advice came from popular Instagrammer Dad Advice from Bo (@dadadvicefrombo), who has 2.8 million followers and provides tips on everything from driving in the winter to putting up a fence post with concrete. 

The scoop

This hack is great for those who have numerous empty jars in the house and would like to put them to use.

First, take the lids off the jars and screw them onto the top of a flat surface in your garage or shop if you have one. 

Put all your screws and fasteners inside the jars and lift the jars onto the lids that have already been screwed to the surface, spinning the jar onto the lid so that it hangs from the wooden surface. 

All you need is a flat wooden surface, some nails, a screwdriver or a drill, and of course, at least one jar, preferably more. 

How it's helping

Instead of going out to buy jars or other containers for your screws, fasteners, and other little trinkets, just reuse the glass or plastic jars you get when you buy salsa, peanut butter, jelly, or anything else. 

Saving used items and repurposing them can save you lots of time and money in the long run, as it also saves you that extra trip to the store. 

On average, American households produce nearly 300 million tons of trash each year. This hack shows how you can save glass jars, which helps reduce glass waste. Even though glass is infinitely recyclable, only around 33% of glass waste gets recycled on average in the U.S.

Although our Instagrammer only discusses glass jars, the hack can also be used with plastic jars. Reusing plastic can be even more beneficial, considering that only about 5% of plastic gets recycled out of the 40 million tons thrown out each year in America. 

What everyone's saying

Quite a number of people had something to say about Bo's advice. 

One user wrote, "My dad did this too. He's been gone almost 24 years now. Love your tips."

Another added, "My dad taught me to fix so many things. Before he passed, he gave me a peanut butter jar with some drywall screws in it. Anytime it gets low, I buy more so that I never run out of the ones he gave me." 

Reusing jars and other items can save the environment while also saving you time, money, and perhaps some good memories.  

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