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Gardener's 'nifty' craft sparks conversation about starting to garden for free: 'Find a sunny spot and watch the magic unfold'

"Perfect for starting those seeds!"

"Perfect for starting those seeds!"

Photo Credit: Instagram

A savvy gardener shared an idea for planting seeds using something unexpected as a DIY pot: toilet paper rolls. 

"Reduce, reuse, and let's roll!" they wrote. "Turn your empty toilet paper rolls into eco-friendly seedling pots with these easy steps."

The scoop

Instagram profile Sow 'n Sow (@sownsow) posted the video, explaining the hack in five simple steps. After cutting the cardboard roll in half, they flattened it and made four vertical cuts along one end to create strips. Then, they folded the strips into a basket to make a latticed bottom. As easy as that, voilà: The seedling pots were ready.

"Sprinkle in your favourite seeds," they wrote. "Water them, find a sunny spot and watch the magic unfold."

Users were thrilled by the innovative hack. "Such a great idea!" one person commented.

How it's helping

This method isn't just a great way to recycle a common household item — it's an easy and affordable way to dabble in gardening and even start growing your own food.

Many households spend a large percentage of their monthly budget on groceries or on dining out, and it can quickly take a toll. That's why cost-conscious shoppers have been inspired to start saving money on food by growing their own. 

With this method, it couldn't be easier. You can find seeds for just $3 a packet (or less) at any gardening or grocery store. Then, once you have seedlings, it's super easy to transfer them to a garden. Compare that to buying produce at the store, and the savings start to grow.

Or, if you want to use your new DIY pots to grow flowers or other plants, that's totally doable too. (Just don't forget to make room for more plants by decluttering…because you can make money doing that!)

Additionally, finding a new purpose for toilet paper rolls helps to lessen the waste produced by this common household item. The United States consumes more toilet paper than any other country, using nearly 36.5 billion rolls every year. That's the equivalent of every American killing almost 400 trees in their lifetime. And it's a resource- and energy-intensive product to make: It takes 37 gallons of water to produce a single roll.

Given that, finding ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls can help to reduce each person's energy and consumption footprint, which in turn will help slow down the warming of the planet and create a safer, food-stable future for all.

What everyone's saying

Users were eager to try out the idea. "Perfect for starting those seeds! Great recycling idea!" one person wrote.

"Such a nifty idea!" another said.

"Why garden, you ask?" the Almanac asked. "How about enjoying the best vegetables and fruit you've ever eaten? If you've never tasted garden-fresh food, you will be amazed by the sweet, juicy flavors and vibrant textures."

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