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Gardener shares hack for helping your seeds successfully germinate at home: 'Keep it simple, plants know what to do'

"Genius. Love this idea!"

Germinate seeds at home

Photo Credit: @grow.with.jo / TikTok

Many gardeners will tell you that it's no easy task to germinate seeds if you sow them directly into the ground. The success rate for starting certain types of seeds indoors in small containers is much higher. 

In order to give those seeds a better chance at survival, some gardeners will go to the extent of spending hundreds of dollars on mini greenhouses and up to thousands of dollars for more elaborate ones

But as one TikToker has demonstrated, you don't have to pay a small fortune just to germinate seeds. Thanks to a post by Grow with Jo (@grow.with.jo), viewers can learn a very simple hack that works just as well as a greenhouse — with practically zero cost.

The scoop

The TikTok video shows a boot tray next to a sunny window. Grow with Jo then takes several recycled yogurt cups and pokes a few holes in the bottom for drainage. 

They are then placed on the tray and filled with some potting soil. The final step involves adding your favorite seeds and simply watering them with a spray bottle. That's it. And, it's almost guaranteed to work.

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Seeds planted directly into a garden bed are very susceptible to temperature changes. They can also be washed away during heavy rain or get eaten by birds and other hungry animals. Even if you get your seeds to germinate, the baby sprouts can still fall prey to insects, disease, and strong winds.

When you plant indoors, you control the environment. The sunny window provides the warmth seeds need, and a spray bottle keeps the soil at the right moisture level. Once the seeds sprout, they can grow uninhibited under near-perfect conditions. 

When your seedlings reach a good size, they can be transferred into your garden bed. By this time, the plants will be much stronger and not as likely to be affected by disease or fall victim to voracious insects. 

How it's helping

If you're just beginning to delve into growing your own food, this budget-friendly hack will get you off on the right foot. 

Besides saving time and money, you can take satisfaction in knowing you are producing food without harmful chemicals and with minimal carbon pollution. Plus, you will be reusing items that would normally wind up in the trash.

Even veteran growers can take advantage of this simple technique as it provides a headstart for getting seedlings ready to plant as soon as the ground thaws.

What everyone's saying

With over 18,000 likes on this easy-to-follow video, many TikTokers are showing their appreciation in the comments. 

"Thank you!! I've been trying to think of something simple!" writes one person. 

Another comment says, "Genius. Love this idea!!" 

One TikToker sums it up best: "Exactly & people say they need 2000$ of equipment, keep it simple, plants know what to do."

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