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How to make a profit while decluttering for New Year's — as seen on GMA

The average consumer throws away over 81 pounds of clothes every year and generates 46 pounds of e-waste per person.

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Donate it. Sell it. Swap it for store credit. It's easier than ever to get rid of stuff you don't want responsibly and profitably — and you'll feel better knowing it's not creating pollution in a landfill. 

The average consumer throws away over 81 pounds of clothes every year and generates 46 pounds of e-waste per person. 

But hundreds of companies will take that old stuff and give you store credit, or even cash, and online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Buy Nothing groups have become a great place to make some money on your stuff. 

The Cool Down and professional organizers Get Organized partnered with "Good Morning America" to help a Utah mom and her two daughters — and GMA's own Becky Worley — declutter their spaces, responsibly. Here's our cheat sheet:


    If your family has outgrown sneakers, send them to GotSneakers. They'll send you a bag for free and offer free shipping to upcycle your shoes and keep them out of landfills. If they're in good condition, they'll even send you a check. Read more. 


    Big retailers like Best Buy, Costco, and Staples offer free e-cycling, and in some cases, they'll give you store credit for your old gadgets. Read more. 


    Big brands like Patagonia, Marine Layer, Levi's, Madewell and Lululemon offer store credit for clothes you send them — I got $160 in store credit from sending a few unwanted ski jackets to Patagonia. Read more. 


    Donate your old sports gear to Play It Again Sports — they'll take your old stuff and resell it. Or try to sell it yourself on Facebook Marketplace. Read more. 


    Check out Music Go Round, a retail store that will resell your music equipment. Read more. 


    Donate them to local schools or churches. Read more. 

  7. BOOKS

    Donate them to local libraries, or try an online selling or swapping service like PaperBackSwap.com. Old textbooks taking up space? Try GoTextbooks.com. Read more. 


    Try the local theater, or sell them on Facebook or eBay in September or early October, ahead of Halloween. You could also donate them to a charity like 'Ween Dream or organize an exchange in the spirit of "Borroween." Read more. 

For hundreds of services that will help you learn how to declutter your home in additional ways, check out our TCD Guide here

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