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People are baffled by TikTok user's 'extremely infuriating' prank: 'This makes me sad'

"Not sure what's worse…"

“Not sure what's worse ..."

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An extremely lackluster TikTok prank prank video recently raised the ire of some Redditors by simultaneously wasting food and being neither funny nor well-executed. (Both the post and video contain swear words.)

"S******* wasted an entire jug of orange juice for a TikTok," wrote the poster, sharing with the other members of the r/extremelyinfuriating subreddit.

@benchmob save me a glass pops (@Corb) #prank #pranks #pops #prankwars ♬ original sound - benchmob

The video shows the TikToker, later identified as @benchmob, executing the prank, titled "Replacing orange juice with mac n cheese." First, they take a gallon of orange juice and pour it all down the sink, before dumping some Kraft Macaroni & Cheese powder and water into the empty carton. Then the video creator films another person, ostensibly their father, taking a sip of the mac & cheese water, spitting it out, and yelling.

The other members of the subreddit were more than happy to share their reviews of the video.

🗣️ What's the most common reason you end up throwing away food?

🔘 Bought more than I could eat 🛒

🔘 Went bad sooner than I expected 👎

🔘 Forgot it was in the fridge 😞

🔘 Didn't want leftovers 🥡

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"Wasting all that juice to record one of the worst staged reactions I've ever seen," wrote one commenter.

"Not sure what's worse, the inane tiktok or the waste," wrote another commenter.

"I love orange juice, this makes me sad," wrote another.

Even without people pouring perfectly good food directly down the drain in service of making depressing internet content, food waste is an enormous problem in the United States. The average American household wastes an estimated $1,500 of food per year.

An estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world ends up sitting in a landfill — and as it sits and rots in the landfill, it produces planet-heating gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide that contribute to the ongoing overheating of our planet. 

If we were able to stop food waste, we could eliminate an estimated 6-8% of all human-generated planet-heating gas pollution.

Fortunately, there is some reason to be hopeful that this TikToker could change his ways. Another TikToker who specialized in food-related comedy renounced his wasteful ways last year after receiving negative feedback from fans.

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