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Shopper astounded after uncovering original price tag on $6 thrifted skirt: 'This is absolutely beautiful'

"Skirt of my dreams."

"Skirt of my dreams."

Photo Credit: iStock

Imagine finding a new designer skirt for only $5.99 at a thrift store. That's what one shopper realized when they uncovered the original price tag on a metallic gold skirt.

In a post for the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls, someone shared images of their thrifted skirt with the caption: "Unsure what brand this is, all searches return 'Delia's/Delia*s' which is a 90s-00s brand. I'm thinking it's a super niche brand, but would love to know more about Delia!"

In the images, the faded marking of the original tag reads $585 with the scribbled writing of 40% off — though this shopper snagged the skirt for 99% off. In the other images, the user laid out the gorgeous skirt to show its intricate floral patterns.

"Skirt of my dreams."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Skirt of my dreams."
Photo Credit: Reddit

While thrifting can open the door to unique gems for reasonable prices, it's also a sustainable practice that can help the planet. Secondhand shopping for clothes, and even other items such as kitchenware and furniture, helps eliminate waste and decrease the environmental impact of these industries.

With a high demand for secondhand clothing, fewer products need to be produced, helping our planet. According to Earth.org, the dyeing and finishing processes in the fashion industry produce 3% of all carbon dioxide pollution and 20% of water pollution worldwide. Extending the life of existing textiles can help cut down these figures. 

Thrifting can also save your wallet, such as when this shopper found a $1,500 Brooks Brothers coat for only $45.

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Thrifting has increased in popularity in recent years, with resale shops growing 7% over the last two years and the resale industry estimated to garner over $17 billion in revenue. Industry experts believe the thrifting industry is expected to grow 16% faster than the retail industry by 2026, which will have positive impacts on the environment.

For this Reddit user, they can take pride in their efforts to help the planet and enjoy the beautiful skirt for only $6. 

"It's likely from Pakistani label Saira Shakira," one user commented. "Their Delia line is silk pieces with hand-sewn embroidery." 

Other users were astonished at the deal. 

"Skirt of my dreams, what a spectacular find," one user commented.

Another added, "This is absolutely beautiful and a classic you can wear forever! Great find!!"

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