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Woman transforms her home with one-of-a-kind finds from local thrift stores: 'Your vision is astounding'

"Well, call me inspired."

"Well, call me inspired."

Photo Credit: TikTok

An expert thrifter recently gave everyone a glimpse at the inside of her home, stunning viewers with the tasteful and luxurious transformation made possible by affordable finds. 

TikToker Kenzie Marie (@kenziemariehome), who has more than 450,000 followers on the social media platform, shared a one-minute video showing how she seamlessly incorporated secondhand items into her interior design.

The decorative additions include a $3 swan that became a holder for hand towels, a $4 brass clipboard to display her grocery list in elevated style, an ornate $1 mirror for the bathroom, and a large $10.99 crock.

@kenziemariehome the best of 2023… your most loved items thrifted from this year 🥹🎉 #thrift #thrifting #thrifthaul #yardsale #goodwillfinds #diyhomedecor #spraypaint ♬ 24K Magic - Bruno Mars

Other TikTokers were blown away by Kenzie Marie's savvy shopping skills. 

"Now THIS is how you thrift," one person wrote. 

"Crocks in the state of Utah are 100 bazillion dollars. Way to go," another person said of the earthenware find.  

It's not unusual for thrifters to snag incredible deals on quality items, with high-end cookware, vintage furniture, and antique doorstops among the amazing finds. 

Even better, the market isn't showing signs of slowing down, suggesting that it may become even easier to reap the money-saving benefits of thrifting without sacrificing style. 

In fact, thredUp found that almost two-thirds of retailers plan to weave resale items into their long-term growth strategies. While the report looks at many factors driving the growth of the secondhand market, it points out that 58% of Gen Z and Millennials are considering the way their consumption habits impact our planet.

According to Earth.org, the fast-fashion industry churns out 100 billion garments every year, and millions upon millions of tons of those textiles end up polluting the soil and air after making their way to landfills. 

Also, Americans discard around 50 pounds of furniture every year. 

While this TikToker didn't specifically point to a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, her clip demonstrates how thrifting can provide immense value even when designer duds or rare objects aren't in a secondhand haul.   

"How do I tap into this creativity?" another TikToker asked in amazement. 

"Well, call me inspired," another person said. "Your vision is astounding." 

"Modern upcycle queen," someone else wrote.

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